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BoJesse Christopher | Biography | 2015

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American actor BoJesse Christopher was born and raised in San Francisco, Ca, and is best known for his portrayal of Grommet/LBJ, the reckless younger brother of Patrick Swayze in the 20th Century Fox classic original feature film ‘Point Break’, directed by academy award winner Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) in 1991.

BoJesse has starred, co-starred, reoccurred, guest starred, appeared in a wide variety of notable film and television projects over the years, earning BoJesse praise early on as a young mysterious edgy likeable mischievous up and comer.

Some of BoJesse’s memorable television roles include;

Billy O’Connell in David E. Kelly’s Emmy award winning, and critically acclaimed ‘Picket Fences’ for CBS, as well as Mr. Andy in Aaron Spelling’s smash hit ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ for FOX TV.

BoJesse has worked on over 45 feature film and television projects, acting opposite an assortment of Hollywood’s elite actors such as; Mickey Rourke, Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, John C. McGinley, John C. Riley, Jennifer Aniston, Norman Reedus, John Diehl, Hilary Swank, Christina Applegate, Tobey Maguire, Delroy Lindo, James Le Gros, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer, Edgar Ramirez Stella Adler, Shelly Winters, Scott Leet, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestly, Christopher Walken, Ed O’Neil, Katey Sagal, David Faustino, Tom Skerritt, Kathy Baker, Scott Bakula, Neil Patrick Harris, Mark Ruffalo, Corey Feldman, Christian Slater, Ed Begley Jr., Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Sisto, Cole Hauser, Alanna Ubach, David Hemmings, Mimi Rogers, Kurt Russell, Kirstie Alley, Mila Jovovich, Peter Fonda, etc.

In 1999 BoJesse transitioned to filmmaker, writing, producing, directing and co-starring in the Lions Gate feature film ‘Out In Fifty’ starring the legendary Mickey Rourke. Thereafter, BoJesse enjoyed a two year overhead producer arrangement, developing and packaging film content for veteran producers Alan Riche & Tony Ludwig at Eagle Cove Entertainment who’s 1rst look deal was at Warner Bros.


After 911, BoJesse put his filmmaking career on hold, shifted his focus in 2001, and launched his nightlife entertainment marketing company BJC Events, Inc.

Since 1988, BoJesse has been a staple of Hollywood nightlife, forging his path as an industry leader, cultivating relationships, building his BJC Events, Inc. brand, and growing his business well into 2015.

BJC Events, Inc. is a full service event marketing company that produces unforgettable experiences for clientele through lifestyle, special events and nightlife programs.


Leveraging unparalleled entertainment industry relationships and access to the most exclusive venues, BJC has created events that are the pinnacle of where to “see and be seen”.

BoJesse Christopher is a film and television veteran who has become a true innovator in the nightlife and promotions industry. His weekly nightclub promotions are the premiere nightlife events in Hollywood. BJC special events and concert promotions and after parties regularly attract A-List celebrities from the worlds of music, fashion, action sports and entertainment.

Moreover, BoJesse has cultivated a loving family during this time. He is blessed with a beautiful and talented wife and three children. BoJesse lives in southern California by the ocean and is a dedicated husband, father and surfer.

Although BoJesse has enjoyed the success of BJC Events, Inc. he has always desired to return to his acting roots when the timing was right.

In 2012, BoJesse committed, got organized, and threw himself into Sandy Marshall’s renowned advanced Meisner acting class to re-connect with himself, as well as refine his craftsmanship as a truthful actor.

Soon after, BoJesse was inspired to share this technique, and created a weekly acting collective where he currently directs/coaches weekly workshops at The Zephyr Theatre, entitled ‘Truth Be Told’.  BoJesse also teaches Masters Acting Classes for Camera at both Relativity School (integrated with Relativity Media/Studios), and The New York Film Academy, as well as private coaching, on set, and in studio by appointment.

BoJesse coaches with an emphasis on moment to moment truth, utilizing Stanislavski's ‘building a character’ components in the preparation leading up to the moment, along with Meisner’s ‘repetition exercises’ in the moment.

Previously, BoJesse personally trained with legendary acting coach Stella Adler at prestigious The Stella Adler Conservatory Theatre, while being mentored and privately coached by two time academy award winner, actress Shelley Winters at The Actors Studio West from 1988-1990, studying various method techniques.

After years of being away from the film and television industry, BoJesse was finally ready to return to his original passion of acting/filmmaking in 2013, realigning himself with former talent manager David Fleming, along with Nick Todisco at Atlas Artists, and is excited to work with like-minded creative forces.


Over the course of 2014 and 2015, BoJesse forged an impressive and proactive return to acting. He co-starred in the independent films, ‘The Human’ as a corrupt LA cop, directed by Jesse Gordon, a compassionate NY cop in ‘Endless’ directed by Scott Beardslee, a deranged serial killer in ‘No Escape’ directed by Todd Jeffrey, multiple personality disorder in ‘The Head Theives’ directed by Mike Hermosa, homeless with ptsd in ‘M3’ directed by Jason Baumgardner, child psychologist in ‘Remember My Story’ directed by Nathanael Matanick, unfiltered and zainy in the TV pilot presentation ‘Ur In Analysis’ directed by Bernie Gewissler, a hard edged detective in the supernatural thriller TV Pilot ‘Strange Ones’ directed by Brian A. Metcalf, quirky opposite J.K. Simmons and Emile Hersh in the dark comedy ‘The Runaround’ directed by Gavin Wiesen, as well as the Director of the FBI in the reimagined ‘Point Break’ directed by Ericson Core, distributed by Warner Bros., opening Christmas Day, 2015.

As a filmmaker, BoJesse is also attached to direct the psychological thriller 'Method To Madness', and the emotional feel good drama 'Good-time Charlie'. BoJesse is always seeking out inspiring new material to develop as an actor/producer/director, including a handful of unannounced Ken Nolan (Blackhawk Down) writing specs.
The name BoJesse is his Fathers creation: ‘Bo’ after the legendary blues guitarist Bo Diddley and ‘Jesse’ after the infamous cowboy outlaw Jesse James (all one word and capitol J).

BoJesse - An outlaw with rhythm. Stay tuned...