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BoJesse Christopher | Biography | Actor-Filmmaker-Coach (2017)

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American actor BoJesse Christopher was born and raised in San Francisco, Ca, and is best known for his portrayal of Grommet/LBJ, the reckless younger brother of Patrick Swayze in the 20th Century Fox classic original feature film Point Break, directed by academy award winner Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty), released 1991.

BoJesse also costars as the FBI Director Chapman in the $100 million dollar re imagined Point Break, directed by Ericson Core, distributed by Warner Bros., in theaters world wide 2016, now on HBO.

BoJesse also costars opposite J.K. Simmons & Emile Hersh in the dark comedy The Runaround, premiering at The Sundance Film Festival January, 2017, in theaters, Spring 2017.

Thus far, BoJesse has starred, co-starred, reoccurred, guest starred, appeared in, and/or written, produced and directed, a variety of over 47+ film and television projects over the years, opposite a wide range of notable talent.

Early days, BoJesse personally trained with legendary acting coach Stella Adler at prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory Theatre, while mentored and privately coached by two-time academy award winner Shelley Winters at The Actors Studio West, and is a lifetime member.

Over time, BoJesse trained with acclaimed acting coach Sandy Marshall, immersing himself into the Sanford Meisner repetition technique.

In recent years, BoJesse developed, organized, and directs the Truth Be Told Stanislavski/Meisner acting collective, where he continues to share and grow as an actor-filmmaker-coach.  In addition, BoJesse coaches an impressive roster of notable and emerging actors, privately, and on set.

More recently, BoJesse has lectured at both the Masters Acting class for Camera and Scene Study class at Relativity School, an integrated film school program in collaboration with Relativity Media/Studios, as well as the Acting for Camera class at the prestigious New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, CA.

As a filmmaker, BoJesse is always seeking out inspiring new material to develop as an actor/producer/director, including a handful of unannounced Ken Nolan (Blackhawk Down) writing specs.  The name BoJesse is his Fathers creation: ‘Bo’ after the legendary blues guitarist Bo Diddley and ‘Jesse’ after the infamous cowboy outlaw Jesse James (all one word and capitol J).

BoJesse - An outlaw with rhythm. Stay tuned...