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                                BOJESSE CHRISTOPHER

       Sag/Aftra, Caucasian, Age 35-45, 6 ft., 185 lbs., Short Brown Hair, Green Eyes 



King Me                              Supporting               Dir: W. Peter Iliff

Sable                                Starred                  Dir: Michael Matteo Rossi

The Runaround                        Supporting               Dir: Gavin Wiesen

M3 (Best Actor Nomination)           Starred                  Dir: Jason Baumgardner

Remember My Story                    Supporting               Dir: Nathanael Matanick

The Head Thieves                     Supporting               Dir: Mike Hermosa

Point Break (Re-imagined)            Supporting               Dir: Ericson Core

No Escape                            Starred                  Dir: Todd Jeffery

Endless                              Starred                  Dir: Scott Beardslee

Extraction                           Supporting               Dir: Jin Kelley

The Human                            Starred                  Dir: Jesse Gordon

The Bondage                          Supporting               Dir: Eric Allen

Poolhall Junkies                     Supporting               Dir: Mars Callahan

The Road Home                        Supporting               Dir: Drew Johnson

Manfast                              Supporting               Dir: Terra Judelle

Out In Fifty                         Starred                  Dir: BoJesse Christopher

Pink As The Day She Was Born         Supporting               Dir: Linda Perry

Wild Horses                          Supporting               Dir: Soleil Moon Frye

Me & Will                            Supporting               Dir: Sherrie Rose

Sometimes They Come Back Again       Starred                  Dir: Adam Grossman

David Is Dead                        Starred                  Dir: Ryan Oxford

A Boy Named America                  Starred                  Dir: Anthony Mandler

Sticks And Stones                    Supporting               Dir: Neil Tolkin

The Gunman                           Starred                  Dir: BoJesse Christopher

Full Eclipse                         Supporting               Dir: Anthony Hickox

Tank Girl                            Supporting               Dir: Rachel Talalay

Dark Horse                           Starred                  Dir: David Hemmings

Point Break (Original)               Starred                  Dir: Kathryn Bigelow

Escape From L.A.                     Supporting               Dir: John Carpenter

Sleepwalkers                         Supporting               Dir: Mick Garris

Pump Up The Volume                   Co-Starred               Dir: Allan Moyle

Book Of Love                         Co-Starred               Dir: Robert Shaye

Wire To Wire                         Starred                  Dir: Fred Caruso

A Boys Life aka The Disco Years      Supporting               Dir: Robert Lee King


PSY                                  Series Regular           Pilot Presentation

Strange Ones                         Series Regular           Pilot Presentation

Ur In Analysis                       Series Regular           Pilot Presentation

Good vs. Evil                        Recurring                USA Network

Pacific Blue                         Guest Star               USA Network

Lands End                            Guest Star               USA Network

High Incident                        Guest Star               CBS

Unhappily Ever After                 Guest Star               WB Network

Silk Stalkings                       Guest Star               FOX

Beverly Hills, 90210                 Recurring                FOX

Picket Fences                        Recurring                NBC

Quantum Leap                         Recurring                NBC

Dead Silence                         Supporting               FOX

D.E.A                                Guest Star               CBS

Ferris Bueller                       Recurring                FOX

Married With Children                Recurring                FOX


Truth Be Told Acting Collective                            BoJesse Christopher

Sanford Meisner                                            Sandy Marshall

Stella Adler Conservatory Theatre                          Stella Adler

Actors Studio West                                         Shelly Winters

Beverly Hills Playhouse                                    Milton Katselas

Center Stage L.A.                                          Kevin McDermott

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